Indian sex story | Seduced office hottie during guitar lesson! Part III

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This story is part of a series “Indian sex story | Seduced office hottie during guitar lesson!”. If you have not read the previous part you can read it here:

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Now back to the story. She too fully lied and I started fucking. With no time I was about to cum.. I took my both hands under her and caught hold of her shoulder. Started fucking like I never fucked and in no time I was cumming inside her. I was shouting ahh ahh and she was dhire dhire. But I was in no mood to hear her. I don’t know how much I cummed but I was not moving from her back. She was too not moving. Finally my dick automatically came out of her pussy and I moved aside.. She turned around and said mazza aa gaya. I said tumko to 1cr bhi donga to kam hoga.. You gave me fuck of my life. She started laughing and said I always wanted to fuck with you but you never approached. She then took a pillow cover and cleaned her pussy. Gave it to me and said clean it.

I said what about second time. She said its already 7 30.I don’t think you will get another erection so quickly and even if we start I don’t think you can cum by 8. By saying this she took my limp dick in her hand and said I didn’t even saw the size. I said lick it it may get up again. She said not today next time. I said I want to fuck again please. She said ok fuck but quick. I started kissing her and while kissing I could feel I am getting hard again. Although I was not full but I came on top of her and again tried to enter her. However she was fully dry and mine was too not fully hard so it was not getting in. She spit in her hand and rubbed the spit on my dick and said push now. It went and this time she was getting hurt a bit. I said I will cim soon she said yes but make me cum too.

I started increasing the speed and with no time I was feeling I will cum. I said cumming.. She said ok and hold me tightly. I was almost cumming when she again started screaming and said karo karo. And lifted her legs on air and crossed her against my waist. I too cummed again and she started laughing. I said kya hua.. She said nothing it was so quick. Usually my husband takes longer in second time. I said so you guys still fuck twice.. She said not now but when we used to do. I said you have a very open pussy its amazing to enter you. She said guys like tight pussies I thought. How many girls you fucked. I said including wife and you 9. She asked how many are escorts.. I smiled and said 4.she said not bad 4 regular girls. I asked what about you, she said I won’t tell but after marriage you are my second. I said who was first, she said her ex boyfriend who comes to Pune once in a year to fuck her. I said oh.

She said but now I don’t like fucking him as it seems he is using me for his sexual needs, I said you also doing same but she said no. I allowed him because I loved him but now I lost respect for him so I am going to say no to him. I feel cheated with him. I said hmm and kissed her and said you are a good woman inside. She said I know and smiled. It was almost 8 so we dressed up and she hugged me tight and said can’t wait to do it tomorrow again, I didn’t though you will be so good. I said me too but I always knew you will be amazing in bed. We laughed and she bid me bye while lift was closing.
Friends its been few weeks and we still fuck. To be frank I think we plan our day these days to just fuck. I haven’t been fucking my wife after that and she said her husband fucks her in 2 3 days and its awesome to be fucked in the evening and then at 1am again. In office she is absolutely normal. We just formally smile and greet.

This is a true story without the name of the girl. Frankly I don’t want to get into any other girls bedroom now as I am very happy with piyali being my fuck buddy. I asked her if I can share this and she said yes and also said she will read it. I will try to get a comment from her but she may not. She is slightly practical.

Hopefully you enjoyed.

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