Indian sex story | Seduced office hottie during guitar lesson! Part II

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This story is part of a series “Indian sex story | Seduced office hottie during guitar lesson!”. If you have not read the previous part you can read it here:

Indian sex story | Seduced office hottie during guitar lesson! Part I

Now back to the story. I didn’t know what to say so was looking here and there but she was bold and came close to me and kept her hand on my hand told don’t you want to touch me? I said you are playing with me don’t you. She said ok let me prove you that I am not playing.. By saying this she opened four buttons of her nighty and took my hand and pulled me close to her breast. I looked at her face and asked you sure you want to do this. She got angry and said do it before I change my mind. I took no time to kiss her. Its was like two young lovers met after long time. She was not allowing me to do anything but was controlling my kiss. Humm humm sounds and kissing sound. She started opening my clothes and I was helping her. Then I broke the kiss though she wanted more.

I stood up got naked and asked her to open her too. She just pulled her nighty showing her wet pink vagina and fluffy tummy. She said just enter it today don’t do anything just fuck. I too was not in any other mood and hold my dick into her opening and it was so easy to enter her. She gave a soft moan and hold my butt and said keep it for sometime. I was full inside and was kissing her but wanted to see her boobs as the nighty was hiding her boobs. I wanted to remove it but she was not even loosening her tight hug. I felt like cumming so tried to pull out.. She said don’t cum so quickly and released me. I pulled out and took her nighty out and took her left boobs in mouth and right one in my hand. She hold my dick and put it back inside her.

While pulling it inside her she said you are very hard hopefully you won’t cum quickly. I replied I may as I am over excited she smiled and said ok cum then we can do again. I started fucking like this is my last fuck.. She was loose but she was so good to fuck. Her mouth was wide open.. Her nose ring was moving with every push. In some time I felt like cumming again so I pulled out and she opened her eyes and said cum but don’t pull out. I agreed and started fucking again. All she was doing is opening her mouth wide open and holding my butt. Suddenly she started screaming ahh oouuu aahh and was quite loud. I knew she is cumming.

I kissed her and she humm humm while kissing. Finally she was quite and spreading her legs on bed spreading her hands too started breathing high. I asked you r done.. She said yes and thank God you didn’t cum before me and laughed. I said can I cum inside. She said yes and started kissing me again and this time she was slow and sucking my lips. I started increasing speed and she too started moaning again.. She broke the kiss and told don’t pull out just cum. I pushed it fully and lifted my legs to apply full pressure on her. She kept holding me tight wan was scratching my back with her nails but slowly and started saying cum baby. She was loose which helped me to take time I wasn’t ready to cum as I was living my dream. I said doggy.

She said you cum na we will do again.. I said don’t worry just lets doggy. She took doggy position and I was wondering if there can be anything better than this view. Huge round ass golden smooth skin and between those two amazing globes there was her juicy pussy which was so open that I was not even touching my dick but just put it inside without touching. I started slowly but in doggy you all know you can’t stay slow for long. On top she again started moaning and she took one of my hand and took them to her hanging boobs. With one hand on bed I was not able to control my posture and lied on her.

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