Indian sex story | Seduced office hottie during guitar lesson! Part I

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I am Rajiv, working in pune IT firm, married for 11 years. I’m sharing my sex experience with my office hottie first time on FSI so please leave comments and share your feedback. After 11 years of marriage, like all married guy I m too bored with my sex life but can’t do anything out of fear. Piyali is a Bengali beauty in my office but we never got opportunity to even talk as we are in different project. She is awesome Bengali hottie with very big boobs and a fluffy hot body. She is all over the floor, everyone gives a lusty look at her whenever she crosses but these days women harassment policies are so strong I at least never got courage to even say hi to her. Last 4 years ever since I have seen her I don’t know how many times I fucked my wife dreaming about her.

Like all IT firm year end party is an occasion no one misses because of free drinks and of course opportunity to see girls in awesome dress. This time we decided to have some talent show and I thought to play guitar. I am not a player but have been taking guitar classes for almost a year and I can play few songs. I decided to play tujhe dekha to yeh jana sanam and have been practicing for quite some time. Party was in one of the restaurant in Hinjewadi and piyali as usual was one of the hottest lady in the party. She is married too. After I completed my song all my project developer was so excited to know my hidden talent and was shouting once more. Few girls who knew me came and did cheers with me but piyali didn’t react at all which was obvious as we didn’t know each other. Anyway party was eventually over and while I was going towards parking I saw piyali and another girl walking towards parking too. I and my friend walked fast to catch up with them and piyali gave a look at us but no reaction yet. As usual I kept staring at her juggling boobs and while she said bye to her friend and I did same I tried to see her once again from my car and this time she caught me starting at her. No reaction though but she had a very mild smile. I was not sure if she knew my lust fir her hut I m sure she knew everyone lusts her.

Next Monday when I was about to enter office piyali was walking just behind me. She walks fast I know, so I slowed down so that I can be behind her and I can see her. However my luck was better that day and she said hi. I responded hi good morning. She said you played very good guitar. I said thank you. She said I always wanted to learn but never could get the courage and I guess I will not have enough time to practice. Since we were walking I continued by saying no no its not that tough, you can spend 3 hours a week to learn a song. She gave a surprised look and said don’t lie. I said no I m not. She said om then where u go for classes, I told the club name but she said she is hesitant. By that time I was at my desk and she said ok we will continue our talk and said bye.
During day time in our office messenger piyali pinged me and said Rajiv would you teach me guitar.. I said how can I? I don’t play that good, I just know 2 3 songs. She said that’s ok, if you teach me then I will not have to worry about not attending classes and also if I don’t find interesting then we can stop and I will not lose money.
I said ok and we planned to start tomorrow. I said I will bring my guitar and we can start from office at 6pm and reach her flat in pimple saudagar by 7,we will play guitar till 8 and then I will be back. We can repeat every alternate days. She agreed to the plan.

I was very happy to be able to spend time with her but never was thinking of trying to seduce her as she was too hot to be real and also was scared of sexual harassment policies.

Anyways next day at 5 I pinged her and said lets start and she agreed. We started in my car and she said she will make a call. She called her housemaid and told her to take her son to garden and let him play till 8pm. She gave a smile while talking and I was excited but again could never gather courage to think naughty. Once we reached her flat she asked me to sit in bedroom instead of living and she went to change. I couldn’t believe once she came back, she was wearing those typical nighty that bangali boudis wear and I was so shy to look at her. She told be comfortable I know what you might be thinking but I am so tired of office attire so changed to something comfortable. I just smiled. She asked me for tea which I politely denied and said lets start. But she said she wasn’t in mood. I was like oh should I leave then.. She said no no you play anything but no class today. I asked when will your husband come she said he works in night shift and will be back by 12. Then I started playing the guitar just tuning it and trying to get rhythm. She while looking at me said so what will be your fees you didn’t even take tea. I said nothing really I am happy already. She asked why? I said who could imagine to spend time with you. For last 4 years I think everyone in our floor thinks to be your friend and I got the chance. She smiled and said ok that’s true, I can see you guys starting at me all the time and thats ok. We both laughed a bit and I saw time and said its already 6 30 so lets play guitar. But she was not in mood so said she wants to eat something and asked me what you want to have. I said nothing. She said coffee or me? I was shocked. I said excuse me? She said u heard me.

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