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Hello this is Soumya (22) and this is my first sex experience with my neighbor, his name is Chandan (21) and he is one year younger than me. We stay in an apartment which is near to all major places, now let me start how we met and did the things each other.

When I was doing final year engineering I was bit busy with my projects and studies as I was coming late to home. I was not knowing Chandan (recently he moved to our apartment) my mom use to talk to his family his mom use to come into our home my mom introduced to his mom by telling she is my daughter now she is doing her degree and all. I said hi and went to my room.

Next day morning I went to walking as usual because I am little bit fat, I saw Chandan’s mother and said hi to her. There I saw my hero even Chandan was wearing shoes to go for exercise I started jogging on the first day we were not knowing each other we didn’t speak.

In the evening I was damn tired with project work I came home and got fresh up n ate some snacks and sat watching tv with mom then even Chandan’s mother joined with us. Then Chandan called to her mother for house key she said him to come and collect from
My home, my mom introduced Chandan I just smile and said hi.

Next day morning, as usual, I went for jogging I saw Chandan and said hi even he smiled and went, next day evening I was getting ready for my project presentation I got a friend request from Chandan. I didn’t accept it for an hour later I finished dinner and came back to room to continue my work and I finished it by around 9 pm. Then I accepted Chandan’s request and I was just seeing some posts of my friends, then I got one message from Chandan.

He: hi
Me: hi
He: how are you?
Me: good, what about you?
He: ya fine.
Me: dinner?
He: had, what about you?
Me: had
He: are you going to jogging tomorrow?
Me: ya, you?
He: ya I am also coming
Me: okay fine then we will meet in the morning, good night.
He okay good night.

Then next day we went for a jogging and we came back, and again we started to chat after dinner

Me: hi
He: hi
He: how was your day.
Me; bit boring was busy in project work, your’s?
He: ya fine.
Then we exchanged our numbers and we get to become close friends we started to go out for snacks, movies etc…….

One day while chatting he asked me what you was doing from the evening I said I was watching some videos and chatting with friends, suddenly I got a surprise sticker I asked him why you sent that, he said that you was watching videos know I sent that and all I didn’t get why he said like that. Later I came to know that he thought it as xxx videos as we were close to each other I said him its just only funny videos not as you think xxx videos okay.

Later he said that he was observing my boobs and other parts of my body while jogging. I said what are you telling are you mad and I stopped texting that night and decided bot to go for jogging next day. Then again I got a message with more than 80 sorry in one message I thought its okay and said him not to do it again and went to jogging next day he was repeating the same thing. While chatting I asked why you was watching my body I said you not to repeat it. With smile he said that your boobs will be jumping how to stop looking at those as I have 32 c size boobs it will be dancing. I said okay and asked what you are doing now he said he was seeing my profile pictures I said okay.

I was in home while mom was getting ready to go to temple with Chandan’s mother. I had breakfast and sitting, they left to temple after some time I got a call from Chandan if I am free he will take me for some movie I said I am not interested in watching film. Then asked me where are you I said in home, then came to our house and we was watching tv n we shared ice cream each other while feeding him with spoon it fallen on his shorts I said him to wait and gave one cloth to clean it. Then he got a call from his friend so he went back to his house to give his friend something.

Then I called him and asked when he will come back he said no I have some work I cant come because he have some work. Actually when he was wiping his cook was so hard, I noticed it when stood to go. I was feeling so horny and I said him I am watching xxx movies if you were here we could have watched it together. He was shocked and then he said he will come and join with me. I was so exited to have sex then he rang and rang a bell then I locked the door and we sat on a sofa by watching videos I was feeling to watch those videos with him and I gave my phone and said him to watch it and went to room.

He followed me and put his hands on my shoulder and made me turn around and said I want to do the same with you as that video. I was so exited and hugged him tightly and I started to smooch then he started to lick my neck and pushed me on bed he came on me by lifting t shirt he started to rub my boobs inside the t shirt. I removed my top and night pant he get naked and started to lick belly and my stomach. Then he removed my pink boobs and started to suck hard I started to feeling horny and I was shouting haaaaaa hhaaaaa. He went down and started rubbing my pussy as it was my first sex my pussy started to throe some juice out of it and he started to eat it. And then I took his cook and put it in my mouth and started to suck it hard he was dancing like a snake on bed and as it was first time for us juice came out soon and took rest for 10 min and started again. This time he put his cook in my pussy and started to push it in but my hole was too tight I was screaming due to pain but it was nice to do that.

Then we put some oil and started to put it inside. I was so exited and screaming then he said that he is about to come then I suddenly took it out and he shot his sperm all over on my boobs and started to rub all over my body. After that we had sex nearly 6 times till 3 pm. Later we had dinner and started to do romance and then he went back after that one night we had sex when nobody was there at his home.

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