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I’m Kush and my girlfriend’s name is Neha whom I met on Facebook and later had first time sex with. I’m from south Gujarat near to Mumbai. I met Neha through facebook as a total stranger and then I fell in love with her. Let me tell you something about myself. I’m pursuing my b tech engineering my gf is a commerce student . I’m a tall guy, wheatish skin and a healthy body with broad shoulders. About my gf she is a cute very fair lady with a chubby figure. She has curves on here body and looks dam hot. A bit of tummy but I like it. her figure is 34-32-36.

Coming to the story a few months back once I and my gf and her friends went for a movie, I actually was not at all interest but to keep her mood up I also joined them, during the movie. I was bored so I was moving my hand of Neha’s lap. She was enjoying it. she is a shy girl. And resists every time but that day she was in mood. I slowly started moving my hand towards her belly and moved my fingers. She was feeling it. And enjoying my play. That day she was wearing a loose kurti and leggings skin tight. I then started to move my fingers near her pussy she first resisted me but then started enjoying it. She then came close and said I’m wet inside please stop or else she will cum. Then I stopped it and moved my hands in her bra. It was difficult in that state but yet I was enjoying her boobs. Those 34 breast were awesome with a light brown nipple which I came to know later till that day we never had sex. The movie was going on I saw her friends they too were a couple and were enjoying the theater was empty, very few seats full.

After all this the movie ended we came out then I had some work so I had to go but Neha wanted to go for a ride but I didn’t we had a small fight and then I left her home. Both were sad because of the fight but still starving for each other. Then at around 6:30 I get a call from her. She said “hey I’m sorry I overreacted”.
I said its ok babu. I love u” Neha was relieved by this talk and in a very deep voice she said “today I’m alone at home . Mom and dad are going see any relative and will be back in afternoon. She said if I could stay with her. tonight. It was like a golden chance for me. but still I didn’t had any intentions of sex.
I reached at her house at around 7 – 7 :15. She opened the door she was standing in front of me in her night dress with a pink t shirt and a loose pink trouser. She had made a pony tail damn she looks so cute in that way. As soon as I entered in she banged the door and locked it and just came to me and hugged me tight. And said “I I’m very sorry baby I love you!!”

I said its ok dear and just continued the hug. We both were hungry den she said she ll make some maggie for us, and we ate it and were enjoying the moment. I was laying on her bed and there she just came and jumped on me. She again hugged me and kept her face on my chest. we were enjoying every min of that moment and were lost in our talks. we didn’t see the time it was 11 and we were still talking. later on she dimmed the lights and again came to me. She hugged me again and took her in my arms. hold her face with both my hands and kissed her. I kissed her upper lips then the lower one. I also bite her on her lips then she used make a sweet sound uahhmm’ I liked her moaning. we were lost in our kissing, my tongue was playing with her tongue and she was enjoying me kissing. Then I came down towards her neck a gold chain with a heart shape on its end was making her neck very hot n sexy. I moved my tongue in circles on her neck she was going crazy. The j gave a small bite on her neck “first love bite” she again moaned “ahhh babu dhire. “.

Then I slowly put my hands on her curvy belly inside her t-shirt. She was enjoying my touch. Slowly I started removing her tee but stopped me and said” no babu” I was like ‘okkkk no problem dear’ then she continued kissing me. There a kind of love and passion in the kiss wen u are doing it with your love. Seriously guys its a damn good feeling. Then again we were only kissing but I was feeling good I moved my hands on her thighs she was biting my lips. I already had a hard on inside my pants. She felt it on my jeans and just pinched my dick. I was shocked by her move. Then I too got wild and removed her tee she didn’t resist and said “babu love me as u never did before in your life. ” she was in a black bra. damn good I like to see women in black bra it looks so sexy on them.
then I loosened her hair and hold them tight in my hands I stretcher her head back and kissed her neck below her chin. It was a soft kiss. Then I moved my tongue from her chin to her cleavage. I didn’t want to unhook her bra because she was looking damn hot. Then she removed my shirt and came on my chest. She started kissing on my chest and was biting and pinching me on my nipples . uhh I loved it. seriously it was fun one should try with your partner. Then I finally couldn’t resist and unhooked her bra, I was overwhelmed after seeing those tits . 34c boobs with a light brown nipple just like a cherry on the cake. Then she recalled me and said “babu sirf dekhte hi rahoge kya. !!”. Then I recalled my senses and grabbed those melons and started squeezing then slowly. She was giving out slow moans” ahh jaan do it its all yours.!!” I grabbed them in my palm like covering with all five fingers and use to bring my all fingers back towards the nipple all together slowly and calmly touching the skin very gently and then after reaching the nipple just pinched it slowly which would make her go mad. Every time I did that she said ‘that’s why I love you..!”

I then removed her shorts. She was in a black panty. I feel the panty was wet very wet. Then I again made her lie down on her back and hold her panty between my teeth and pulled it down. Her face was full of lust and sexual passion. Then I used my magical fingers inside her pussy. first I started with rubbing her clit. it was like giving her electric shocks. She was dripping her juices. I first didn’t like the pussy smell. But still I started licking her clits and then went inside. Suddenly she pushed my head in very hard and gave a shudder in her thighs and body and just had a sweet and small orgasm. It was very less . I don’t know. how it should be because I was an amateur that time. (any female reader plz do tell me more about orgasms) I continued doing that and that night I made her have 3 back to back orgasm. There was a sigh of relief on her face and I could see how happy she was. Then I went up she hugged me very tight then gave a kiss and said. “babu. This was the best-est feeling she had ever had in her life. we didn’t have sex that night. Because I didn’t want her to loose her virginity neither she wanted. And I didn’t force her. After that night we spent many nights together but still she is a virgin I satisfy her only by foreplay and now I I’m very well at it. I can satisfy any women only with foreplay.
Guys this was my first story. please do reply to me and comment. And I expect replies from both male and female readers. .

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