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Hi I’m Shravan from Hyderabad. I am working for a corporate company and this is my true desi sex story. Once I was alone and feeling lonely. So I visited a online professional chat group and started chatting randomly. There then I met a gal name Suma who is working in Bangalore. Our chat went on for an hour long discussing general things. We became friends. We used to help each other in our profession. Sometimes we used to discuss personal things. It continued for 3 months. In this 3 months, our relationship grown from chat group to whats app chat. Once I had visit bangalore for job purpose and informed about my visit schedule. She was very happy to meet. non of us thinking about sex at that time.I reached bangalore and was staying in a hotel near koramangala. She was staying in jayanagar.

As per our plan, we met at forum mall. That was the first time seeing her in real. used to share some pics in whatsapp. But in real, she was great and had awesome figure. Its just stimulated me. I could not concentrate much on her talk. Sometimes I stared at her cleavage and was caught red handed too. But she didn’t give damn about it. We had nice lunch there and sitting outside forum mall for an hour. Then bored of sitting at one place, I asked her about roaming around. We went to garden and all. We were tired . Then I just casually invited her to hotel room. She readily accepted. I was on cloud nine. We went in side room, ordered tea and snacks. Started discussing randomly. I was in bed and she was in chair. I asked her to relax in bed beside me. She just came and sat beside me. after sometime don’t know what happened, I just kept my head in her lap and she started caressing my hair. I rolled in her lap. That’s when I my head touched her breast. omg so soft and tempting. She gave a smile and I complimented her for breast. She pinched my cheek and said stop this nonsense. But I was pulling her leg.

She took it casually and she asked me what u wanna do if they are awesome. Do you wanna eat them?. I was awestruck and said yes. She gave a smile. I bite her left breast over her t shirt. She was silent. I thought she was angry. We were silent for few minutes. I got up from her lap and hugged her. Slowly started kissing her face and lips. That went on for 5 to 10 min. meanwhile started rubbing her breast over her t shirt. Slowly inserted my hand in her shirt and got hold of her breast. She started moaning and her intensity of kissing and breath increased. I removed her shirt and bra and started sucking her breast. Wow that of awesome and made me ooze. I started biting her nipples and pinching them. She was just pushing my head towards her breast and hissing. I came down and licked her tummy. Then I went up and lip locked. While kissing and biting her lips, inserted my hand in her jeans and started rubbing over her pussy. It was little hairy and wet. She was just trembling and jumping. unbuttoned her and pushed her jeans along with her blue panty down and rubbed her. Took her clitoris between my fingers and pinched it, she jumped and bite my lips. Then I went down and started licking her pussy. She was jumping. first she said not to do that. Then she hold my head tight over her pussy and started moaning. Tried to insert my finger in, it was tight.then she said she is virgin.

I was on cloud nine. But one last time I asked her whether she wanna proceed further or not. She was silent and could not decide. We started our foreplay. meanwhile I removed my cloths too. Both are nude in bed eating each other. after 30 min, she said she is ok to proceed and don’t wanna end disheartened. I started licking her pussy and inserted my finger and finger fucked for sometime. Then when she was ready. I asked her to suck my dick. She was reluctant. I requested her. She started kissing my dick first and slowly took it in her mouth. She sucked it for some time. She could not do it properly, but tried her best to satisfy me. Then I placed my dick at her pussy entrance and started inserting my dick. She cried in pain for some time.I started moving slowly and after that, fucked her for another 20 min and ejaculated in her pussy. We were sleeping in bed like that for an hour cuddling each other. I think that was the best part. cuddling after sex. playing with each other nude in bed. no bounds and no more shy.

At night, I whispered in her ear that I wanna fuck you again. She in her lazy half sleep, said do whatever u wanna do. We were sleeping in side hugging each other and her back was facing me. I placed my hand between her buttocks and started rubbing over her pussy from behind. She was wet already and pushing her back towards me. my dick was hard and ready. I inserted in her pussy from behind and slowly started pumping. But we were little discomfort because of position. I lifted her, placed her in all four, and fucked her in doggy style. She was moaning loudly. after 10 mins, I turned her and inserted in missionary positions, our lips were locked and I was pumping her. She cummed already twice and holding me with her legs. That was very intense, I cummed in her pussy and she was holding me like a statue for about 5 mins and my dick in her pussy. I could feel all the fluids leaking around and she just closed her her and enjoying that intense after fuck. We cuddled for about 20 mins. Then she let go and went to wash, but I was in no mood. We slept like in dirty sweat, semen and pussy juice till morning. We were nude all night in room, had bath together, made out in wash room and we did doggy style and spoon sex too. We had another 2 rounds that day and daily for 5 days. It was romantic, not a lustful sex experience. Now I am missing her a lot. Still in touch over chat but we are unable to meet. Share your feedback about my story at: [email protected]

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