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Hi friends I am a member of this desi Indian sex site from last 2 years and I had been reading stories well enough to got courage to share my incident that had recently happened with me on my way back from Bangalore. So not boring any more I will share my story as this is my first story please give me your suggestions and forgive if there is any flaws in narration. Any ladies or girls who want to have safe and secret relationship can mail me on [email protected]
My name is Naseer an average built body with dusky colored skin,I live in Nandyal in Andhra Pradesh, and the heroin of this story is Priya( name changed for privacy issues) her skin tone is not so black and her size is 32. So, lets jump to story now.

This happened on Jan 27 as I was travelling to Bangalore to write my exam I was travelling in general compartment. On the way after two stations from my station she has joined the train has sat diagonally opposite to me initially I had no intentions for her I was just myself moving my mouth like speaking to someone accidentally I said whatsapp number when I was turning my head towards her direction then she noticed and she thought herself I am asking her number and responded with “No” from here I started to tease her and whole night we had not blinked our eyes for a moment we were just signalling each other for phone numbers as I always had asked her number she was saying “No” to me and as the time passed we were being noticed by other fellow passengers but who cares. And later I took a piece of paper from my bag and pen wrote my number on it and trowed to her but to my bad luck it has not reached her.

And she was noticing my every act and the night has passed our signalling chats and meanwhile I took another piece of paper and wrote my name and number and kept with me as I was looking for chance to hand it over to her or to drop in her bag. So, we reached Bangalore station I was walking behind her and asking her take my number but she was not reacting so I dropped in her bag in water bottle pouch and followed her till we reach out the station as she was alone has come to Bangalore for the first to attend her interview. And we got separated I was not expecting her call but to my luck it came.

I was starting to reach my exam center I got a missed call from a new number and when I called it was switched off and I confirmed that she is the one. And later after a minute again I got a call and asked me to call her as I did, we had a casual chat and asked me “Why I dropped my number and when? ” and I started to flirt with her later she asked me whether I am leaving or staying in Bangalore. I told her I came for one day as I am gonna exam and asked where is she. She said she is coming back to station as her interview has cancelled and don’t have any idea of the city she will stay in station till evening as our train will be on platform at night only. And asked me to come soon to station I told her I will reach there at evening 6-7 pm. She said she will wait for me.

And we had a chat through messages until I enter my exam hall. Later my exam I went to her as I told her but city traffic sucks. I was delayed by 30 mins and she has called me 20 times to know my whereabouts. When I reached station I got to know 2 boys are following her trying harass her and I took it as a chance to get her impression and belief I went up to Railway TT and made a complaint about those guys. And the guys were terrified as I had pointed them with my had to TT. And TT asked us to file a complaint in Railway Police station. She was taken back and those guys were fled from that place. We came to platform and had waited for train and as the train came we occupied adjacent sides.

I was just thinking how to start the act but to my luck she was excited more than me. She was placing her arms over me and leaning over me from that reaction I got a chance and placed my had over her thigh she was not rejecting my any move and later I placed my hand over her ass cheek and was pulling her underwear strings from outside and she was fully cooperating my act. And after ten minutes she placed her head on shoulder and acted as she was feeling sleepy so I asked her to sleep on my lap. You know what guys this all happening in general compartment and other passengers and looking at us as we are couples. Though we didn’t mind what they will think. The devil inside me was doing these all things. And I took her in my lap and covered her face till breast with my bag and with my arms as my right hand palm can touch her breasts. I pressed lightly her one boob for that she just moaned little and placed her hand over mine and pressed hardly on her breast for this response I asked in her ear should I continue for that I got positive response.

And our act started from outside as she had worn a jacket over her dress it was very helpful to me to press her hard. And the train started to move I bend my head over her face as my lips touch her lips and we smooched a little as we had a chance of getting caught. And later placed my both inside her dress and started to press the both boobs and she was so turned on and asked me to suck her nipples. I said it would be risky here we can move to toilet for that she agreed we went in toilet with out disturbing others. Inside we smooched for about 20 mins and I started to undress her initially she was felt shy as we both are virgins and this is our first time any how we removed over cloths and was sucking her lips and came to her breasts and sucked one and pressed one with had she was just moaning sss aahhh hmmmmm like that pressing my head towards her boobs and I placed my hand over pussy and started to rub for this she left a loud moan and held my hand very tightly and asked me not to but who cares as i started slowly she was going out of control and kissed me madly and took my tool and started to suck and gave a beautiful blow job.

I tried to fuck her but she rejected as I have no condom and she is not prepared for this and don’t want to loos virginity. And I had respected her decision and we did some fore play and came out sat in our respected seats and we had good romance there also and at morning we parted each other with bye bye kiss and even till now we are looking for date but as we are staying far from each other its not working out.

Any girls, aunties and sex starved widows can reach me out on [email protected] I assure you privacy and your details will be hidden. Any girl in Nandyal and surrounding areas can contact me on my above given email id. Your any kind of responses and comments are very welcomed.
Thank you for reading my story.

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